Randall Innovations .308 (7.62) Muzzle Brake

w/ 5/8-24 thread and crush washer


We use additive manufacturing to make our muzzle brakes and 3D solid modeling to do the design and drawings.

The advanced manufacturing techniques enable our company to produce a variety of designs in various sizes from 6.8-155mm using advanced materials when needed.


More accurate

The MARICKA can make Army weapons more accurate in direct and indirect fire by assisting fire control to stay on target whether the weapon is stationary or moving. Individual Soldiers or manned/unmanned vehicles can use MARICKA in multiple domains (land, sea, air).


Infrared Signature

The USA is facing advanced threats that will be able to target our troops and vehicles using infrared sensors from long distances due to the large infrared signature of our weapons muzzle blast.


Dual Use

We would like to test our muzzle brake on a variety of Army weapons from individual weapons to cannons. The SBIR or CSO agreement will be the best to demonstrate our technology. Our company previously applied for a Phase I SBIR but did not get the award.

We have already produced a muzzle brake for the commercial rifle market. Military use provides credibility and will help us market the commercial product. Plans are to get commercial funding and bring production in house once our product beaks into the market due to military funding and use.


With Brake

Infrared picture with muzzle brake

Without Brake

Infrared picture without muzzle brake

New lightweight muzzle brake design


Randall Innovations .308 (7.62) muzzle brake w/ 5/8-24 thread and crush washer