The adoption of our muzzle brake will greatly impact the U.S. Army as a whole. The U.S. Army can use the MARICKA muzzle brake on individual weapons, land vehicle mounted weapons, UAS and helicopter mounted weapons, and weapons on amphibious vehicles. The U.S. Soldier will be able to target enemy Soldiers during operations at long distances and get multiple shots on the target using new powerful weapons using our muzzle brake. The weapons we have today will not be able to reach the enemy Soldiers without putting our Soldiers at risk. Current weapons will not penetrate near peer body armor so even when we hit the enemy Soldier he will still be a threat.


The MARICKA muzzle brake is unique.

Current muzzle brakes do little because they just release the excess combustion gases without a surface to convert the expanding gases into a force. Suppressors will not be beneficial against a near peer enemy due to added weight and detectability. Gunshot detectors such as the Boomerang system rely on the acoustic shockwave produced by the bullet so the enemy will be able to locate our Soldiers even if they use a suppressor. Optical or infrared gunshot detectors can detect the signature of weapons equipped with current muzzle brakes because they just release the hot gases. Current solutions require a heavier weapon to counter the recoil produced by high velocity rounds. The Soldier will have to carry the heavy weapon, which will decrease the Soldiers’ endurance. Soldiers will also be vulnerable due to the large infrared signature of current designs. The MARICKA muzzle brake is unique. It will enable Soldiers to carry a lighter, powerful, accurate weapon that will defeat current and future enemies.


There are three current gaps for the U.S. Army that apply to our product. Soldiers and vehicles are vulnerable due to advanced enemy sensors, our weapons cannot penetrate enemy body/vehicle armor, and enemy weapons have improved range equal or better than U.S. Army weapons. The muzzle brake will reduce the infrared signature (see Figures 1 and 2) of U.S. Army weapons, making it more difficult to target by the enemy. Our muzzle brake will improve weapon accuracy and keep the weapon on target for multiple rapid shots. The muzzle brake will enable our Soldiers/Vehicles to use weapons with higher muzzle velocities. U.S. Army Soldiers will want to use weapons with our muzzle brake because the weapons will be powerful, long-range, portable, and accurate.  If we continue with the status quo, U.S. Soldiers will die because our weapons are obsolete.



Randall Innovations .308 (7.62) muzzle brake w/ 5/8-24 thread and crush washer